Parallel processing

The act of separating you consciousness from your Tulpas.

Parallel processing

Separating your consciousness from that of your tulpas can be a difficult task. In the brain we use processing power, when you have a tulpa it doesn?t INCREASE your processing power but rather SHARES IT.

Imagine two small circles, one labeled ?Creator? and the other labeled ?tulpa?. Now, imagine a larger circle labeled ?processing power.?


Imagine that the Tulpa and Creator circle are both in the processing power circle.

They are both focusing on the same thing. Each is aware of everything the other is aware of. Interactions between the tulpa and Creator in this state must be alternating - if they are having a conversation, they cannot speak at the exact same time and will instead take turns thinking and speaking. The one not doing the thinking or speaking at any given time will be doing nothing but observing.


Imagine that only one circle (either the Creator or Tulpa) is in the processing circle now.

This means that one is conscious while the other is unconscious. This may happen if one becomes involved in a highly mentally intensive task, forcing them to take all of the processing power for themselves and leaving none left over for the other to use. If one has no processing power to use for themselves, not only do they lose the ability to think, but they also go unconscious.


Now, imagine that the processing power circle has been split into two separate circles. The Creator circle is inside of one and the tulpa circle is inside of the other.

Because the processing power circle was split rather than multiplied, each ?half? of the circle is smaller than the original. This means that the host and tulpa each have a smaller pool of resources to work with than if they were in the sharing configuration. However, this configuration allows for the host and tulpa to each think about different things simultaneously, unlike in the sharing configuration. They will be focusing on separate things and may not be aware of everything the other is aware of.

This division is known as parallel processing, with this the Tulpa and Creator will be separate:

Ex.) A Creator goes about their day while their tulpa occupies themselves with something else in the mindscape.

A Tulpa may have private thoughts of their own that the host cannot hear. (Visa Versa)

Note: Parallel Processing is NOT multitasking.

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