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What is this site?

Search for guides about tulpamancy by their title and contents.

This is a website devoted to the concept of sharing guides on the topic of tulpamancy.

Want to discuss your life, post your progress or ask discuss with the community? You can head over to tulpa.info for a great place to do so.

Want a chatroom to post in instead? Head over to the .info discord

Need support? Contact Reguile on the discord server or /u/reguile on reddit.

How do I use this site

You can start browsing the different promoted users over in the directory. This list of users is a handpicked/curated list. However, if you prefer a less curated experience, you can also start browsing guides by heading over to the guide list.

Creating an account or logging in will let you connect with users, build your library of guides, or even write your own.

Do you need help with something specific? You can use our search page to search all our guides by their content.


Your connections are users whose opinions and writings you enjoy and want to see more of. Think of connections as a sort of subscription or friend system.


Your library is a list of guides you personally enjoyed and wish to share with others. You can leave the reasoning for your decision to share the guide as a comment on every library item. Everyone can see your library and all the comments you leave on your user page.

What are some of your policies?

Content Allowances

Currently, no NSFW guides are allowed, along with any guides that encourage illegal activities or otherwise encourage obvious harm. For example, a guide advocating for drinking bleach or doing LSD will not be allowed.

Moral grandstanding, or writing guides which serve more to warn against people doing things than to encourage them to do things are considered negatives. The aim of this site is to generally promote and guide people towards your experience, not to speak about others.

Promoted Users

Promoted users are thought to meet a number of categories. Including but not limited to being well spoken/written, having an accurate account of their experiences with tulpamancy, and having generally high quality guides. If you provide contact information, you will likely be contacted before you are made into a promoted user.

Guide Ordering

The promoted users list is ordered in a bit of a strange way. Rather than being strictly chronological, the list is ordered first by group, then by the last time a user posted a new guide. User group is determined when a user's experience is promoted. Example groups are "Metaphysical", "Classical", "Conservative", and "Cynical".

The guide list itself is strictly chronological

Tasks and Privacy

This is an independent website made by a random single person. None of your data is strictly safe and while the site is built to be secure, one person cannot possibly make a truly secure website. Your data may be leaked. Please use a pseudonym and avoid putting overly-personal information into your guides or into the task system.

None of the data this site collects will ever be sold. It may be used for the purposes of researching and trying to build recommendations on what helps a person successfuly make a tulpa. It may be used for 'internal' administrative purposes such as tracking usage or figuring out user behavior trends.

The site does not collect much if any data beyond what you can already view. All passwords are hashed (use a unique password please, regardless!), and the site does not use any third party advertisement or usage trackers outside of DDOS protection.

If you have any questions regarding the data collected by this site or how it's handled, feel free to contact reguile on discord or reddit.

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