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By: Walwen
For those seeking complex personality and stable identity developments in the tulpa.
By: Rowan
The act of separating you consciousness from your Tulpas.
This guide is meant for those who are seriously considering dissipating a tulpa, and are seeking information about the nature and mechanics of the process.
This is my first guide aimed at helping tulpamancers who struggled with visualizing their wonderland's surroundings. I plan on going back and making changes in the future, but for now this is the most recent version of it.
This is a series of tips and tricks which will likely be useful for younger tulpas wishing to remain present and mentally alert for a larger portion of the time. It contains tricks that, collectively, have a proven track record of getting a tulpa to the point of remaining fully present and aware a large majority of the time. it also contains a short primer on possession. This document is written to be accessible to a wider plural audience as well as the tulpamancy community.
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